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Cape Town, Tshegofatso takes us behind his sound



words by: staff | visuals provided by: Tshegofatso

Cape Town, Tshegofatso takes us behind his sound

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Behind the sound


With so much sound coming out of Cape Town right now it is getting harder to select only one producer as your favorite producer in the mother city.

Tshegofatso definitely falls under the category of a rising producer as his sound which he creates can be defined as up-beat, with a mix of different vibey elements.

Tshegofatso is greatly influenced by jazz and soul music and you can definitely hear that in his new sound which you can stream here



Behind tshegofatso sound

” My process when I produce firstly starts at getting my creativity at an all time high, by listening to different kinds of music with different elements and feelings. Normally what producers do is begin with the drum pattern, which I sometimes do because that’s where the rhythm of the beat comes from but I prefer layering chords and creating a melody before the drum pattern more often because I wanna be able to feel the vibe of the beat before I give it rhythm. Sometimes I create my own samples, as I believe in experimenting more than anything instead of ‘knowing’ what to do. After I’ve packed out my sounds and I feel good about them, I create my drum pattern and start thinking about the structure of my beat while doing that. I like making beats that can stand alone without vocals, so my main priority is to create something that feels good and has different transitions at different places. After I feel there’s no more I can do to the beat, I structure it out, send it to the mixer, level out everything so nothing is clashing then eq and compress what I need to, keeping in mind the different techniques I learnt thus far. I prefer working with headphones because I want to hear each and every sound perfectly with the range of frequencies that certain sounds bring. After I’ve structured, mixed and mastered, the most critical stage is when I use the studio monitors because that’s where I can hear if the elements of the beat are too loud or too low, but sometimes I like how the beat has come out so I keep it the way it is, if not, I tweak and change what I need to until I’m satisfied with it ”

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